Thank you, twitter!

The Healthcare Professional’s Point of View

Just a quick post to say that I think mental health professionals have so much to learn from you guys! The way you all accept each other, welcome nervous newcomers, support and speak up for each other (without being afraid to take a step back when you need to).

There’s a wonderful sense of community amongst mental health folk on twitter. Above all, mental health professionals need to learn from the way you all see each other as just people, not ‘mental health patients’. We need to see that you don’t just talk about your difficulties; you have a laugh together – including laughing about your mental health – and, by the way, to ‘own’ your diagnosis like that is fiercely awesome!. You guys talk about books, or films, or telly; travel or politics; fine art or anime; or – and this is a really important one – just talk meandering cobblers at each other. It can be isolating when you’re dealing with a mental illness and a space to witter on about everything or nothing is invaluable. You genuinely see the person before the illness – however consuming the illness may seen.

So, just to say thank you for being there; for being awesome; for reminding us that mental health is more than a calculated exercise in harm reduction. For making us welcome, whether or not we have experiences in common, and, most of all, for making us aware that you’ll all be there for us too if we ever need you.