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Transgender Day of Visibility – Why it Matters

With huge thanks to Nick for writing this blog on #TDoV15 Today, 31st March, has been kept by the transgender community as a Day of Visibility since 2009. Today stands as a companion to the Transgender Day of Remembrance, which is observed on November 20th, remembering those who have been killed or taken their own lives in the face of… Read more →


I never believed I would …

Following the success of Emma’s blog, we asked a few other people what they never expected to have achieved in their lives so far. MM supporter, marathon runner, and pretty amazing all rounder, Rohan kindly obliged … TW: Sui   Had anyone spoken to me in January 2006 and asked me what I had achieved in my life to that point,… Read more →

“Just being there for someone can make all the difference. Don’t just say you’ll be there. Be there.”

With thanks to Manchester based writer and lifestyle blogger Charlie for this blog in support of #timetotalk day   Depression is sneaky, pernicious and pervasive. Sometimes, even those who suffer with it may not realise they’re depressed. Or realise it and society’s ignorance means it’s not recognised, not acted on and the sufferer can spiral down. My mum was probably depressed for… Read more →


Words don’t always cut it, we all have a medium that’s the best outlet for us as individuals. 

This is evident in the following piece – an interpretation of the third stanza of “Howl” by Allen Ginsberg – please watch and share your thoughts.

With huge thanks to the creator Julia Marshall for allowing us to share her powerful and expressive work.