How dare you suggest weight loss is a moral responsibility then giggle at the “crazy” of people who know you’ll never lose enough weight to feel forgiven?

This piece contains material that could trigger people with experience of eating disorders or difficulties with body image. It contains language which some people may find offensive. If you think you might be triggered or are feeling vulnerable please do not read it now. With many thanks to Emma for this very powerful and deeply personal piece. Please note that… Read more →

Thank you, twitter!

The Healthcare Professional’s Point of View Just a quick post to say that I think mental health professionals have so much to learn from you guys! The way you all accept each other, welcome nervous newcomers, support and speak up for each other (without being afraid to take a step back when you need to). There’s a wonderful sense of… Read more →

Depression: Walled off from the lifeworld

One of the best accounts of depression I’ve read recently is from Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of My Life: “Depression is, first of all and above all, a theory about the world, about life. Instances of minor cruelty or indifference are exhibits in a case against the world, perhaps superfluous exhibits given that the case is so overwhelming … [it is… Read more →

created by Sam Whyte, Manchester Mind 2015 - mental health, depersonalisation, de realisation

“It feels as if I am living in a cartoon or a movie” : The Reality of Depersonalisation

With thanks to Krista for this powerful account of her experiences with depersonalisation and derealisation. If you are likely to find this blog triggering then please make sure you are reading at a time that feels safe for you.  If you have you own experiences please do share them either with us or on Krista’s awareness account please do. As this… Read more →

Mental health friends

#MHFriends Tuesday 10th March 8-9pm

After reading a short story of a young man and his struggle with Schizophrenia, from his dad’s perspective, one aspect particularly resonated. After suffering a bout of poor mental health in my early 20s the one thing I remember, in the haze of alcohol, poor judgment, bad decisions – exacerbated by extreme highs and lows – was the change in relationships. We… Read more →


I never believed I would …

Following the success of Emma’s blog, we asked a few other people what they never expected to have achieved in their lives so far. MM supporter, marathon runner, and pretty amazing all rounder, Rohan kindly obliged … TW: Sui   Had anyone spoken to me in January 2006 and asked me what I had achieved in my life to that point,… Read more →

#TalkTwitter tonight 9pm-10pm

We want to chat about Twitter … And we’ll be doing it on Twitter. It’ll be sat right there, while we talk about it (which seems terribly rude and un-British of us, but we reckon it’ll be ok with it). So, why do we want to talk about it? Well, coz we’ve been using it for a while now and… Read more →

Manchester Mind – Tweet Chats

Topic: Twitter and mental health Tuesday 27th January – 8-9pm Future Dates Thursday 5th February Wednesday 11th Feb Sunday 22nd Feb If you’re interested in volunteering as a twitter moderator or blog mentor you can sign up for a training date (with a contact e-mail address, please) here or drop an email to       Note: Based on our own… Read more →