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How dare you suggest weight loss is a moral responsibility then giggle at the “crazy” of people who know you’ll never lose enough weight to feel forgiven?

This piece contains material that could trigger people with experience of eating disorders or difficulties with body image. It contains language which some people may find offensive. If you think you might be triggered or are feeling vulnerable please do not read it now. With many thanks to Emma for this very powerful and deeply personal piece. Please note that… Read more →

Thank you, twitter!

The Healthcare Professional’s Point of View Just a quick post to say that I think mental health professionals have so much to learn from you guys! The way you all accept each other, welcome nervous newcomers, support and speak up for each other (without being afraid to take a step back when you need to). There’s a wonderful sense of… Read more →

Depression: Walled off from the lifeworld

One of the best accounts of depression I’ve read recently is from Mark Fisher’s Ghosts of My Life: “Depression is, first of all and above all, a theory about the world, about life. Instances of minor cruelty or indifference are exhibits in a case against the world, perhaps superfluous exhibits given that the case is so overwhelming … [it is… Read more →