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Mental About Manchester

Manchester lover and Mental Health campaigner. Amongst other things, that description sums me up pretty well. The two self-professions sit side by side in my Twitter profile, but I often find myself wondering whether my ‘Manchester friends’ get bored of my regular, impassioned speeches about all things going on in the world of mental health, and vice versa. Do my… Read more →

Smiles in the City… Running in Manchester

Last month, I did something I thought I would never do… First, a potted history. For 20 years, I had mental health problems which had drastic and lasting effects on my physical strength and ability. Through starvation, restriction and relentless self-abuse, I let myself live/exist within a body of a girl less than half my age. I was stubborn, determined… Read more →

Let’s talk about suicide

There’s been much discussion of suicide this week after Stephen Fry’s courageous decision to discuss a recent attempt on his life. It’s a terrifying subject to discuss with anyone without lived experience of suicidal thoughts. The whole concept of suicide so offends our logic that it’s far easier to dismiss it as self-indulgence or cowardice than to face up to… Read more →

Mental Health and ‘Bendyitis’

With thanks to Vicky Browne for this blog about how living with a chronic health condition interacts with mental health and wellbeing. I was diagnosed with the grandly titled Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome type III (hypermobile) when I was 19. It gets called EDS for short, but I think bendyitis is much more appropriate. My ligaments have faulty collagen and so I… Read more →

Poor Journalism Kills

With thanks to Becki for this incredibly important blog on the impact of irresponsible reporting on suicide. This piece contains powerful descriptions of suicidal thoughts; if you are likely to find these triggering please consider coming back and reading this blog at a time that feels safer for you.    It’s not nice, living with suicidal thoughts; living with a brain that is… Read more →

Psychology for Dissociative Identity Disorder

Psychiatry as an institution is in need of reform if not, indeed, abolition. It is archaic in its thinking and, at times, barbaric in its practice. I have had the gross misfortune of being on the receiving end of this so-called ‘medical’ service for twenty years and have been permanently scarred by unsatisfactory processing, unnecessary medicating and misdiagnosis. Not to… Read more →